USANA HEALTH SCIENCES is an important partner of TeamKimber!

Through a fantastic partnership, USANA is providing a broad range of support, and I'm proud to be part of Team USANA! I've visited their facility and am quite impressed!

They offer vitamins, health supplements, breakfast shakes, ultra-pure sleep aids, meal bars, and more. Check out their supplements and other fabulous (and delicious) products by clicking on USANA above!

Wonderful support also comes from the following companies and individuals, whom I will never be able to thank enough:

Becker Law made a contribution that enabled me to finalize the purchase of the brand new sled I keep raving about! Their focus is Social Security law so if you know anyone that needs help in that arena, these are the kind of attorneys you want by your side: friendly, thorough, and supportive.
Vic Method took me under his wing and helped me in more than a few arenas! He and his wife, Denise, are Park City locals and ardent Olympic supporters who also supported me with a generous donation to help purchase a fantastic new sled.

Dallas and Susanne Monsen have helped with training expenses since 2008 and given constant encouragement. Priceless!

Dr. Abraham of the The Park City Dental Spa and Dr. Preble of Smile Utah have helped me with dental services and expenses, and more importantly with specialized training equipment, aka the Agility Guard. The Agility Guard is an amazing mouthguard that improves performance (balance, flexibility, strength) and yes, it sounds crazy, and yes, you'll cringe at the price, BUT it's not a gimmick, it works, and if you're an athlete it's totally worth it! (FWIW, they also give head or hand massages while you get dental work done...give them a call and make dental work enjoyable!)

If you are interested in making a contribution to TeamKimber, please contact me via email, or find me on Facebook or Twitter.